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Some of history's most beautiful women used nature’s natural oils to moisturize their

skin and to enhance its glow, Cleopatra was known to have used olive oil and almond oils as part of her beauty secret.  Her skin was purposed to be as soft as a cloud.

  "Nature heals" is a reality. Nature produces it own natural products to heal and enhance skin, bones, organs and life itself, we are part of natures process.

With that all in mind a company called Farmers Organic Az set about to find natural skin care products that are pure without water, chemicals or petroleum by products.  They succeeded and these products can be found on as well first product they created was a Natural hand salve.  They made it a salve vs a lotion because lotions use water to create the lotion and water, in fact, chaps and dries out skin.

They also realized that hands in today's workplace cannot be greasy.  This in time led them to

make a hand salve using olive oil, sweet almond oil, shea butter, vitamin E and beeswax.  They

added cheery blossom oil for that wonderful scent.

“NATURES BEST” Natural Hand Salve is what they called it.  It is packaged in a two ounce "screw top" tin.   click here to see more

The response to their hand salve was instant and enthusiastic proving again that nature knows best.


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When you want an ALL NATURAL PRODUCT that Feels Great, Smells Great and Works Great, These are the products for you!

We pride ourselves in bringing together the best essential oils to achieve the best possible skin care product for you, “NATURALLY”.